The North of England Community Alliance exists to improve the lives of people living in the North East, North West and Yorkshire regions of England. We are registered with the Electoral Commission and work to support local community based political parties and independent campaigners for change.

Promoted by Brian Moore on behalf of the North of England Community Alliance, both at 63 Rothwell Road, Newcastle upon Tyne NE3 1UA

North of England Community Alliance

Working for You

Through a new style of community based politics putting the interests of those we serve first EVERY TIME, we will:


Always focus on action rather than words and empty political rhetoric

Always put local people before politics

Defend the NHS and other local services to make sure our communities receive the best service delivered closest to them

Campaign for what we believe is right for the community and individuals

Challenge those who put self interest, personal gain or their position before the interests of the community they serve

Follow our absolute commitment to stand up for the people and communities of the North of England