The North of England Community Alliance exists to improve the lives of people living in the North East, North West and Yorkshire regions of England. We are registered with the Electoral Commission and work to support local community based political parties and independent campaigners for change.

Promoted by Brian Moore on behalf of the North of England Community Alliance, both at 63 Rothwell Road, Newcastle upon Tyne NE3 1UA

North of England Community Alliance

Working for You

We want to make the North of England great again

It’s time to take back control

The North of England has a proud heritage but Parliament ignores our priorities.

 The national parties put party interests - not the people they serve - first.

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created in the City of London.

Scotland, Wales and Northern Ireland have been given real powers to create laws and run national services, while English laws remain under the control of the UK Parliament.

We have been formed because the time has come for the North of England to take control of our destiny. With your support, we will:


“My plea to all Labour party members, whether grassroots or in senior positions, is think of our people first, think of our movement first, think of the party first.”

Jeremy Corbyn, Labour Party Leader

Under successive Labour, Lib Dem and Conservative Governments, the North of England has not had its fair share of resources. According to IPPR North, the Government will spend £280 per person on infrastructure spending on the North of England while spending almost 7 times the amount on London.

London has boomed while Northerners have paid the price of the banking crisis

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