North of England Community Alliance - Members & Affiliated Organisations

The North of England Community Alliance exists to improve the lives of people living in the North East, North West and Yorkshire regions of England. We are registered with the Electoral Commission and work to support local community based political parties and independent campaigners for change.

Promoted by Brian Moore on behalf of the North of England Community Alliance, both at 63 Rothwell Road, Newcastle upon Tyne NE3 1UA

North of England Community Alliance

Working for You

The North of England Community Alliance wants to make a positive difference to the lives of people in the North East, North West and Yorkshire. However, unlike the larger parties, we are reliant on local people not financial backers with deep pockets, such as big business or unions.

What we need are supporters who believe that together we can make a difference. Please, help in any way you can.



Individual Membership

Individual membership is available to all UK nationals and anyone resident in the UK who share our aims. Associate membership is available to anyone who is not eligible for full membership.

Being a member of another political party is not an automatic barrier to individual membership, however, the other political party must not conflict with the ethos of the North of England Community Alliance.

The Alliance maintains a list of proscribed organisations where simultaneous, or even past, membership is likely to be rejected.

Affiliated Organisations

Any organisation can affiliate to the North of England Community Alliance as long as its constitution and the law permits it. The members of the affiliated organisation may be recognised as associate or joint members.

An organisation that wants to affiliate must share the values and ethos of the Alliance and also be able to lawfully donate to a political party. We very much welcome affiliated members.

Political Parties

Registered political parties that become an affiliated organisation will be expected to negotiate an agreement setting out how the two organisations will work together.

This will ensure that there are clear rules for both parties to observe in their joint relationship, for example, the first agreement made it clear that the Newcastle upon Tyne Community First Party would take the lead in local elections in Newcastle but that the Alliance will take the lead in Parliamentary elections.