North of England Community Alliance - A New Voice for the North

The North of England Community Alliance exists to improve the lives of people living in the North East, North West and Yorkshire regions of England. We are registered with the Electoral Commission and work to support local community based political parties and independent campaigners for change.

Promoted by Brian Moore on behalf of the North of England Community Alliance, both at 63 Rothwell Road, Newcastle upon Tyne NE3 1UA

North of England Community Alliance

Working for You




A new political force has been launched today to work with community based parties and independent campaigners across the North of England. 

It will be fielding its first candidate Brian Moore in Newcastle North. Brian lives in the constituency, is a former coal miner and former local councillor with a reputation as a hard working campaigner for local people.  Having brought up his family in Newcastle, Brian knows the importance of good schools, good healthcare and the need for high quality jobs.


John Gordon spokesperson for the North of England Community Alliance said: “The North of England Community Alliance is a new organisation that is working with community campaigners to challenge the national party politicians failing the North East, North West and Yorkshire who, once in power, forget about the people they are supposed to be there to serve.  

“There is nowhere more evident than in Newcastle, where Labour Councillors use their position on the council to attack the Government. We need more representatives at national and local level who have the local community at their heart and really want to make a difference to the lives of ordinary people.” 

He added: “Because of the timing of the General Election, we have brought forward our launch so we can hit the ground running in Newcastle North. We are very pleased to announce Brian Moore as our candidate. He has a proven track record as a former councillor in Newcastle North and he will work tirelessly to enhance the lives of everyone living and working in the constituency.

“We are in discussion with groups, members of other political parties and individual from across the North including in Northumberland, on Teesside and Yorkshire. We intend to work with people of all parties and none to build a movement of change across the North.”

The North of England Community Alliance's first ever candidate Brian Moore believes the North of England needs more powers and control of resources to empower local people and really improve the lives of Northerners.


Brian Moore said: “I will work for the people of Newcastle North in Parliament always. The choice at this election is being painted as a choice between a "yes" man or woman for Jeremy Corbyn or Theresa May. As part of an organisation routed in the community, with the backing of independent campaigners, I am the true alternative. 

"While Jeremy Corbyn wants his MPs to put their party first and Theresa May wants people who give her complete control of Parliament, we are offering a real alternative. If I am elected, I will always put the people of Newcastle North first and be a strong voice for OUR area in Parliament.

"I am here to serve Newcastle North.”


Brian Moore has pledged to:

1. Champion the use of Brexit to create thousands of jobs locally

2. Fight to improve and defend local NHS & social care services  

3. Campaign for better education for all young people in the city 

4. Support improvements to pensions for older people

5. Promote initiatives that help families make ends meet

6. Defend the Green Belt and safeguard our local environment

A New Voice for the North