The North of England Community Alliance exists to improve the lives of people living in the North East, North West and Yorkshire regions of England. We are registered with the Electoral Commission and work to support local community based political parties and independent campaigners for change.

Promoted by Brian Moore on behalf of the North of England Community Alliance, both at 63 Rothwell Road, Newcastle upon Tyne NE3 1UA

North of England Community Alliance

Working for You

We will do this by using every opportunity to put in place policies that:


We will work with others to campaign for the reform of the House of Lords into a smaller more powerful second chamber consisting of 73 members elected through proportional representation in 12 areas.  Due to the historic link with Crown, we would allow  some continuation of elected hereditary peers and senior Church of England bishops to remain.     

We will empower local people to have real influence over their lives - we want to build vibrant communities based on respect for all